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Smartway Transport Partner

SustainabilityDuring the past 20 years Barefoot Express Inc has developed and continues to pursue our strong commitment to ecological concerns. We are able to help reduce emissions by connecting shippers with carriers to improve their supply chain – reducing “dead-head” miles for carriers and ensuring all loads are handled in a safe and secure manner. Stringent records are kept on every carrier we use allowing us to match the most reliable and trustworthy carriers to our shipments. Annually we review and compile data on our shipments which is submitted for review by the EPA. These efforts have resulted in our continued designation as a SmartWay Transport Partner.

Impact on The Environment

These measures are especially important as some of our largest shippers are moving agricultural products. These shippers are committed to preserving and conserving land, water and ecosystems which has led to the development of products that are vital to increase plant yields thus ensuring a continued food supply for a growing population. Many of these products require strict handling procedures to ensure public safety and the safety of our carriers. Obviously many of these products are transported around the world, which encapsulates all modes of transportation: air, ship, barge, trains and at one point or another it will be moved on a truck – which is our area of expertise.

By aligning ourselves with these companies with goals of feeding the world while reducing the environmental impact, we are able to positively address environmental concerns. Going forward we encourage each of you to do your part to reduce emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure public safety. We would like to extend our service to others with transportation needs. There are similar technologies in practice that are improving the daily lives of many. We look forward to showcasing those in the future.

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