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Overview & Policy
Our goal is to establish standards for our contracted carriers within the North American region. These guidelines are a combination of the guidelines set by our customers, global standards, USDOT Hazardous Materials regulations and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety requirements.

Carrier Requirements
Security Plans – Motor carriers contracted to haul USDOT regulated hazardous materials must have
compliant Hazardous Materials Transportation Security Plans, as outlined in 49CFR-172 Subpart 1. The
plan must address personnel security, unauthorized access and en-route security standards are
developed and in place. These programs should comply with our standards including, but not limited to:
  • Immediate notification must be made to Barefoot Express Inc if the trailer/load has an incident, delayed, missing, or suspected to be missing.

  • All trailers/containers must use tamper evident seals & never be broken unless authorized.

  • Carrier must provide location of shipment within 2 hours upon request by Barefoot Express Inc

  • Carrier must keep Barefoot Express Inc fully informed as to the status of shipment during
    complete transport until delivery

  • Driver must lock vehicle (doors, windows rolled up) when unattended

  • Driver is prohibited from discussing load, route or delivery with any person(s) other than their
    dispatch & management and Barefoot Express Inc’s authorized personnel

  • Tractor trailer/cargo tank is parked in safe, well-lit, designated truck parking locations when not in transit; trailer/tanks should be parked against a wall, fence or other stationary object to enhance cargo security

  • Driver is prohibited from changing delivery destination unless authorized by Barefoot Express Inc

  • Drivers will minimize en-route stops by developing comprehensive tri p plans. When there is a break in transit longer than 13 hours, the shipment may only be staged at secured, fenced terminals.

Hazardous materials – Carriers contracted to haul USDOT regulated hazardous materials must have a current US DOT HazMat registration/ Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Permit. In addition, US based drivers transporting a hazardous material load must have the following:

  • Hazardous Materials Endorsement as outlined in 49CFR-383.93, which includes the shipment of Class 9 materials

  • Most recent version of the North American Emergency Response Guidebook present

  • Established emergency response system able to address transport incidents, chemical releases, etc

  • Drivers must also read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public.
Incident reporting – The emergency contact number for Barefoot Express Inc is 660 547 2500. In the event of an incident (accident, lost trailer) or product release of any quantity, the carrier must notify Barefoot Express Inc immediately upon discovery. Failure on carriers to notify immediately will result in assessment of continued business relationship.

Insurance – U S based motor carriers operating as commercial motor vehicles are required to maintain a minimum level of financial responsibility, which are outlined in 49CFR-387. Canadian based carriers must also maintain a minimum level of required financial responsibility specified in the Transport of Dangerous Goods/Motor Carrier Safety regulations

Load Security – For live load domestic shipments (box vans), the motor carrier is responsible to ensure the load is properly secured to prevent shifting during the normal course of transportation. The method & type of securing equipment utilized will be determined by the carrier and verified by the originating facility. The Customer is responsible to properly secure shipments classified as Shipper Load & Count (SLC).

Containers destined for export (sea containers) are the responsibility of the Customer. Generally these will be secured with Ty-Gard. This bracing method will also be used for multimodal shipments by rail (container on flat car (COFC)).

Safety ratings – The performance of US based carriers is tracked by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration through the Safety & Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System. The SAFER system provides national averages for inspection results in the following categories:
unsafe driving, hours of service, driver fitness, controlled substances and vehicle maintenance. Carriers not meeting the Barefoot Express Inc standards (industry average minus 15%) will be required to submit an Action Plan; carriers not meeting the national average are not authorized for use. These ratings will be reviewed by our safety team on a quarterly basis.

California Requirements for Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU)

Each carrier will provide proof of compliance. California-based TRUs must be registered on ARBER – ARB’s online TRU registration system. TRUs that are based outside of California may voluntarily register in ARBER. Carriers can print the ARBER certification page that identifies the TRU and shows its compliance status and compliant-through date. Carriers should use a current certification-page printout as proof of compliance for the TRU that will be used.

ARB staff also has a publicly available database of 100% compliant Carriers, based on ARBER
registration data. The database is continuously updated. ARBER users can identify compliant carriers by entering a motor carrier number or company name, or download a list of all 100%
compliant carriers, or a narrowed list by city, county or state/province.
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